ZeusPro - A Non-Electrical WiFi Amplifier

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ZeusPro - The Ultimate Wireless Network Solution. 

The world's first universal non-electrical Wi-Fi amplifier.

With ZeusPro you can easily maximize both your Wi-Fi quality and range by just mounting it on your router antenna.

ZeusPro's purpose is to make sure you get a flawless WiFi signal at every required spot. ZeusPro significantly improves your reception range, either when transmitting a signal or when receiving one. You can reach more access points and experience a fluent connectivity with virtually no error rates or disconnections.

Our Wi-Fi amplifier fits all types of external antennas.

Optimal reception range
ZeusPro provides an up to three times increased coverage area by focusing the Wi-Fi reception range. By using 2 ZeusPro you can triple the original coverage area over 360 degrees.

Connection speed

ZeusPro increases the Wi-Fi connection speed by reducing interferences at the installation premises.

Sophisticated design

Designed by Mizeus designers, ZeusPro has a sophisticated and elegant design. It is built with a special non-metallic clip that does not interfere with the perfection of its parabolic metal reflector.

Easy to Use

ZeusPro is very easy to use. No app or software is required. You only need to place ZeusPro on top of the antenna and point it towards the area with a weak or missing signal and ZeusPro will do the rest.

By pointing ZeusPro to your private area, you can secure your wireless network so you and your family can use the Internet safely and securely.

ZeusPro mounts on your router antenna. ZeusPro collects the Wi-Fi signal and focuses it within 180 towards the place you choose. If you use a router with two antennas, you can amplify the range to 3600 around the access point and 3 times further to each direction.

If you use a router that has one antenna you can amplify the range to 1800 half around your access point and 3 times further to each direction.

You can change the direction by simply panning ZeusPro to another area.



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