Link Square SDK

Vision is perhaps one of the most important of human senses.


Expand that ability with LinkSquare and discover more about the world at a molecular level.


Scan anything. Scan anywhere.


Explore the world around you with LinkSquare and discover more about the world at a molecular level.


LinksSquare® is a smart handheld spectrometer born out of a mission to make infrared spectroscopy available for everyday use. Sophisticated enough to capture the slightest difference of nuance in colors and identify materials, LinkSquare can also fit in your pocket, sit on your kitchen table, hit the road with you to wherever you want to take it.


Simply scan an object of your interest with LinkSquare. You can check the quality of food, verify the veracity of product information, assess plant growth, and explore so many things around you.


LinkSquare can see what your naked eye might miss.


Every object in the world that reflects light can be scanned with LinkSquare and be potentially identified by its unique spectral fingerprint. While human eyes only react to, what we conveniently call, visible light (400 nm – 700 nm), LinkSquare detects visible and near infrared light (400 nm – 1000 nm) to reveal more information about an object than colors. LinkSquare NIR, a product yet in the making, will be able to process 800 nm to 1200 nm, further into near infrared territory.


LinkSquare uses machine learning algorithms to detect differences in objects’ spectral fingerprints and determine a myriad of properties including but not limited to authenticity, identity, degree of freshness, sweetness, and overall quality such as the grade of jewelry.


LinkSquare delivers this valuable lab science into the palm of your hand at an affordable price. Use a little help from LinkSquare and discover more about the world.


The possibilities are endless!


LinkSquare can reveal many properties of materials for you – freshness of a food, authenticity of medication, metal content, cocoa concentration and much more. You can use our pre-built applets or make your own applets to build food trackers, nutrition apps, healthy eating apps, whatever suits your needs.


Enhancing food safety with an easy systematic scanner.


Food sorting

Sweetness analysis

Freshness analysis



Enhancing existing expertise on the high-stakes quality control of luxury items.


Counterfeit detection

Whiskey identification

Gold purity analysis


Enhancing the drug delivery process and excluding dangerous counterfeit medication.


Counterfeit medication detection

Medication identification

Manufacturing process supervision




Enhancing existing security measures in various fields.


Counterfeit currency detection

Security ink validation

Illicit drug detection



Scanning an object with LinkSquare works just like seeing with your eyes. But instead of returning colors, LinkSquare returns a graph that is the “spectral fingerprint” of the scanned object. Since each spectral fingerprint is unique to an object’s molecular composition, LinkSquare uses machine learning algorithms to intelligently recognize and show you the matching result on your smart device.


SCAN the item whose identity you want to confirm with LinkSquare.


LinkSquare obtains the item’s spectral signature. Machine learning algorithms SEARCH the pre-built custom database for a match.


The LinkSquare app will SHOW the results of the scan.



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